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Advantages of Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaning is used in places where there are dust and dirt. They are of different types, sizes, weights and can either have a cord or be cordless. Corded vacuums use electricity, while cordless vacuums use battery power. The following are some of the advantages of using a cordless vacuum cleaner:

Convenient to Carry

Cleaning is less time consuming because the vacuum cleaner does not need to be connected to an electric source. It can be carried to any part of the house or any cleaning place. While using a corded vacuum cleaner, you have to make sure it is connected to a power source and that the cable is out of the way. You need to ensure that the battery is fully charged to complete the cleaning job.

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Easy to Use and Store

Most cordless vacuum cleaners are lightweight, making them efficient; even kids can use them. Their size is relatively small, which makes it easy to hold. It is easy to clean the top surfaces and walls effortlessly in no time. Storing cordless vacuum cleaners is easy because they do not have cables. They can be mounted on the wall at any place without cables hanging.

Safer Than Corded Vacuum Cleaners

Safety is improved since no cables are hanging that can cause tripping. It is easy to use in crowded places, unlike corded vacuum cleaners, making people trip when left unattended. As we all know, using a battery is safer than electricity, and because of this reason, cordless vacuum cleaners are safer.

Greater Speed

Cordless vacuum cleaners are 30% faster than corded ones; hence it has improved productivity. Movement is not restricted, and the user can lift and clean quickly. Their light nature ensures cleaning in all places as quickly as possible.

Plenty of Uses

It can be used in various places inside the house or outside. It can be used to clean a car, house, or office. It can be carried to different places, going out for vacation. Cordless vacuum cleaners can go to places that are difficult to reach, like corners. It can clean the attic, clean sand from the car after a drive from the beach, and for various uses when camping.

cordless vacuumSaves Energy

It is easy to save power and energy because cordless vacuum cleaners use batteries. All you need to do is to ensure the battery is well charged, unlike corded vacuum cleaners that cannot be used without plugging in a power source.

Good for Cleaning Wide Areas

Cordless vacuum cleaners can be taken to clean in crowded places because they are highly flexible. The cleaner does not have to use a socket to plug in an electric source. Fewer interruptions are giving better performance in a wide area.…

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Broom or Vacuum Cleaner?

Ah, the age old question of whether you should get a broom to sweep your house or a vacuum cleaner. Of course, both can do the job of keeping dirt away from the floors, but which is a more worthy investment? Which is more effective? Let’s look at how brooms and vacuum cleaners differ to help you decide.


broom dustpan mopCheap vs Expensive

An obvious differentiation between the two is that brooms are less expensive than vacuum cleaners. Of course, when you get a broom, you’ll need a dustpan to go with it so that you can easily throw away all the dirt you’ve gathered. However, the two is still cheaper than one small sized vacuum cleaner. Usually, this is why people tend to go for brooms.

A broom and dustpan will probably cost you less than $30 , while a small vacuum cleaner can cost you $90 to $200. If you’re trying to save up cost, we’d recommend getting the broom. Note that brooms tend to last shorter than vacuum cleaners, though. Over time, the broom hairs will fall out and the glue will weaken. You’ll then have to get a new broom, while vacuum cleaners rarely break down and is easy to maintain.


Sweat vs No Sweat

Sweeping with a broom and into the dustpan is a workout of its own. You’ll find yourself either getting more arm muscle or having a backache from all that sweeping. The point is, cleaning your house with a broom is going to make you tired faster.

With a vacuum cleaner, you don’t even have to bend down to see if all the dirt has been cleaned, because you know it’s all sucked in already. You only need to do one stride and that area is done. It’s definitely a great investment if you’re a busy person who doesn’t have a lot of time to clean, because vacuum cleaners clean faster than brooms.


vacuum cleaner cleaning carpetJust Floors vs More Cleaning

The only thing you’ll be able to clean with broomsticks are your floors. With a vacuum cleaner, you can also clean dusty corners, ceilings, even sofas.  Vacuum cleaners are also known for cleaning carpets. With a vacuum cleaner, you’ll basically save money buying other cleaning tools like a duster.


Less Bills vs More Bills

This one goes to the broomstick, which requires no electricity or charging whatsoever. A lot of vacuum cleaners depend on an electric socket, which limits the area you’ll be able to clean. Some are wireless, yet needs charging after a few hours of using. This will definitely add cost to your electricity bills, so again, a more economical option would be the broom and dustpan.…